#197 – Europe’s role in the conflict – Matthew Kalman – Jung & Naiv in Israel (English Episode)

From Jerusalem with Matthew Kalman. What is the EU doing in Israel and Palestine? Why is a war criminal in charge of the peace process? What is the EU actually doing in the Middle East? What is their mission? What projects are funded and supported? Is every EU mission successful? Do Israelis and Palestinians love European diplomats? Also, what happened to Yasser Arafat 10 years ago? Was he murdered? Who did he murder? Why would anyboy do that? Is there a way out of this never-ending conflict? Who is Marwan Barghuthi? Can he be Palestine's MLK? Jung & Naiv, episode 197 with formidable Englishman and Jerusalem correspondent Matthew Kalman (@MatthewKalman http://matthewkalman.blogspot.de)